Healthy Reading

The Healthy Reading Programme has been developed to make it easier to access mental health and well-being leaflets, books, CDs, DVDs and web-based support.

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All Lanarkshire libraries have resources which are aimed at helping people get the most from life such as living life to the full, sleeping better and becoming more confident and assertive. Healthy reading can be helpful for people to overcome and cope with mental health problems such as anxiety, depression, stress, dementia and panic. There are also resources for all ages including supporting young people, adults and older people as well as items on positive parenting.

The programme has been developed because healthy reading increases the availability of support, information and self-help which can improve mental health and well-being for many people.

Healthy Reading Related Downloads

Download Health Reading for Children Booklet

Download Health Reading for Children Booklet

The collection is targeted at children (aged 4–11) but includes a wide range of reading levels to support less confident readers, and to encourage children to read together with their families and carers.

Healthy Reading Leaflet Order Postcard

Healthy Reading Leaflet Order Postcard

Leaflets covering a range of mental health problems are available free of charge from NHS Lanarkshire’s Health Improvement Library as part of the Healthy Reading Programme. Order your leaflets using this form.

Healthy Reading Resource Recommendation Form

Healthy Reading Resource Recommendation Form

Please complete if you would like to recommend a resource (book / DVD / CD) for inclusion in the Lanarkshire Healthy Reading Programme.

Healthy Reading List (July 2012)

Healthy Reading List (July 2012)

A list of all the resources (books, DVDs, CDs) in the Healthy Reading Programme, available in Lanarkshire Libraries.

Healthy Reading Briefing

Healthy Reading Briefing

A briefing paper including the referral pathway.

Contact Information

A range of resources have been published for you to hand to clients at the point of contact.

These can be ordered by e-mailing Lynn Clark: or Susan McMorrin:

Common Questions and Answers

Below you can find a list of questions and answers relating to Healthy Reading

Q: How can resources be borrowed?

A: Resources can be borrowed by anyone who has a North or South Lanarkshire Library Card

Q: What if I don't have a Library Card?

A: Library cards are free to all who live or work in Lanarkshire. To join the library all you need to do is take two sources of identification to your nearest library, one with your name and address, another your signature.

Q: How do I borrow the resources?

A: There is no charge for any Healthy Reading material and they can be borrowed no matter your current borrower status. Your GP or other health or social care worker may suggest a particular item that may be helpful.

Q: How will I find the resource in the Library?

A: There is a healthy reading section in all libraries. Library staff will be pleased to help you find the item you are looking for.

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