Suicide Prevention in Lanarkshire App

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Smartphone App

A new smartphone app provides practical support for people who are having suicidal thoughts or who may know someone who is.

To help get the “Let’s Talk” message across, the Suicide Prevention in Lanarkshire app is packed with useful information to help keep people safe and provide guidance on how to look out for others you may be concerned about. Details about training and awareness sessions, facts and myths around suicide, how to start the conversation about suicide, and how to access crucial support helplines and much more.

The app has been created by South and North Lanarkshire's suicide prevention initiatives.

Susan McMorrin, Suicide Prevention Lead in South Lanarkshire, said: “I would urge everyone to download the Suicide Prevention Lanarkshire app. It provides quick and easy access to information and support which can be used to help prevent the tragedy of suicide.

“If someone you are close to shows signs of not being themselves, when changes in their behaviour begin to worry you, it is vital you take action. The app gives valuable guidance to help you deal with difficult situations you may be concerned about and what support is available to you. Every life matters and we can all make a difference.”

Lynne McDonald, Suicide Prevention Lead for North Lanarkshire Council, added: “This newly designed app will provide a valuable resource for people concerned about suicide.

“People can use it if they are having thoughts of suicide, or if they are concerned about someone else who may be considering suicide. It offers a number of features providing practical information and support which could prove vital. ‘Let’s Talk’ is the message we want to get across as we try to encourage people to talk more openly about suicide so we can all work together to help prevent it.”

Download the Suicide Prevention Lanarkshire app from your mobile device:

Download for Android or Download for iOS

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